What Is The Performance And Structure Of The Circuit Board?

Nov 15, 2021

Everyone knows that the manufacturing process of these circuit boards is very complicated, because he has a lot of crafts, these crafts are also very complicated, the general assembly line will not undertake the manufacture of these circuit boards.

So is the manufacture of these circuit boards so difficult? The answer is yes. So let's take a look at how this is made. Design the schematic diagram to suit the needs of circuit work. The design of this project is mainly based on the power performance of each unit, which can be constructed according to requirements. Through this figure, you can accurately describe the main functions of the circuit board and the relationship between the various components. Schematic design is the first step in the circuit board manufacturing process, and it is also a very important step. Usually, the software used to design circuit diagrams is PROTE1. After the circuit board manufacturing process has completed the plan, each component must be assembled using PROTEL to generate and identify grids that look the same size. After changing the project packaging, use "Edit" / "Preferences" / "Pin1" to specify the packaging reference point on the first PIN. Then, execute "Component Report/Rule Verification" to set up all the rules that need to be checked, and that's it. At the same time, the software package is under development. Circuit board manufacturing process

Formally standardize the circuit board. The position of each object must be determined by the size of the PCB panel. When installing, you must ensure that every object is not crossed. After partial completion, a DRC check is finally performed to eliminate pin or conductor crossing errors when connecting each item. After clearing all errors, the entire circuit board generation process is complete.

In fact, these things are easier to say, but there are certain difficulties in actual operation. The structure inside him is also a bit complicated. However, these are all typeset according to certain rules. This is also a relatively general rule, because it is also to prevent any problems from appearing, so we don't have to be so troublesome when repairing them. This is a simple explanation of the circuit board.

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