Sheentec Welcomes Volunteering Clinic Team from People's Hospital

Jan 17, 2022


In the early morning of January 14, a volunteering clinic service team composed of relevant personnel from Lin'an People's Hospital arrived at Sheen Technology to conduct physical examination for all employees of the company.

Manager Sun of the Production Department arranged the venues and equipment that the company needed to provide for the physical examination. He also properly arranged the physical examination time for workers in the five production lines. Therefore, after the physical examination in the morning, the whole process was tense but orderly. The cooperation between the hospital and the company greatly improved the efficiency of the physical examination.

The volunteering doctors mainly include experts from internal medicine, surgery and ENT. Doctors have distributed a total of more than 200 volunteering consultation sheets, provided consultation for nearly 250 people, and given many employees of our company a reassurance about their health problems. The vast majority of workers were very satisfied about this physical examination, which will take place each year for employees' benefits.

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