Safety Production Staff Promote Fire Safety Awareness in the Workplace

Jan 17, 2022


In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety, improve the ability to ensure safety, and prevent fire accidents, on the afternoon of January 10, the general manager of Zhejiang Sheen Technology Co., Ltd. and the safety production administrator Yu Huichen made a "stay away from fire, life first" lecture on fire safety knowledge. Except for some employees who are busy with production orders, all the staff of the company participated in this lecture.


In the lecture, safety administrator Yu Huichen used multimedia to introduce the precautions for fire prevention in homes and workplaces, the tips for self-rescue and escape at the fire scene, and the types and usage of fire extinguishers. The whole lecture used shocking pictures, painful cases, and bloody facts to remind people to be prepared for danger in times of peace, to strengthen the awareness of prevention, and not to be paralyzed by careless thoughts. The lectures also used interactive forms such as on-site questions, so that everyone had a deeper understanding of some issues and details that should be paid attention to in daily life, work and study, and mastered the methods of scientific escape.


This fire safety knowledge lecture has further enhanced the fire safety awareness of workplace security officers and personnel in special positions, promoted the common sense of fire safety, further improved self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, in order to eliminate all kinds of fire hazards.

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