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Combi Steam Oven Control Board

Brand Name: Sheen Technology
Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China
Certificates: RoHS, ISO, Lead Free, UL
Base Material: FR1/FR4/Teflon/Halogen Free Material

Combi Steam Oven Control Board

Product Details

Product name

Combi steam oven control board

Brand name

Sheen Technology

Place of origin

Hangzhou, China


RoHS, ISO, Lead Free, UL, CE, CCC

Base material

FR1/FR4/Teflon/Halogen free material

Copper thickness

1-10 OZ

Board thickness

1.6 mm

Min. hole Size

0.3 mm

Min. line width

0.2 mils

Min. line spacing

0.2 mils

Surface finishing

OSP/HASL/Immersion gold

Fire retardant rating


Number of layers


Solder mask

green/blue/black/white, etc.

Silkscreen color



PCB + Assembly + Components

Packaging material

anti-static bubble bag, double corrugated carton

Product Display



Technical Parameters

  • Operating performance: 120 MHZ operating frequency, 33 FPS refresh rate

  • Memory: built-in 8M running memory, maximum expandable 256 MB flash memory, store more UI content

  • Touch method: capacitive touch, up to 8mm thick glass

  • User interaction: 360-degree full-angle knob for more convenient operation

  • Built-in 99 delicious recipes, never to worry about what to cook anymore

  • One touch cooking: smart cooking only needs one touch on the screen

  • Error alarm function: when an error occurs, this machine will stop operating to alarm and display the error code on the screen

  • Appointment function: you can set a timer, and it will start to work based on your appointment

  • Power failure protection: the system prevents data loss caused by sudden power loss. When the power is back on, it can continue to work as nothing happened

Product Applications

This control board is the key part of the advanced steam oven, which is a multifunctional oven with steaming ability. This advanced steam oven is also called combination steam-convection oven, or simply combi oven or combi steamer. It is a cooking appliance typically used in professional catering or food service operations. It can produce both dry (convection) and moist (steam) heat, and is capable of shifting between them automatically during the cooking process.

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Features & Functions

  • Control both temperature and humidity to reduce cooking time

  • Lower temperatures preserve nutrients

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