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Garbage Disposal Control Board

Min. Line Spacing: 0.2 mils
Surface Finishing: OSP/HASL/Immersion Gold
Fire Retardant Rating: 94v-0
Number of Layers: 1-40

Garbage Disposal Control Board

Product Details

Product name

Garbage disposal control board

Brand name

Sheen Technology

Place of origin

Hangzhou, China


RoHS, ISO, Lead Free, UL, CE, CCC

Base material

FR1/FR4/Teflon/Halogen free material

Copper thickness

1-10 OZ

Board thickness

1.6 mm

Min. hole Size

0.3 mm

Min. line width

0.2 mils

Min. line spacing

0.2 mils

Surface finishing

OSP/HASL/Immersion gold

Fire retardant rating


Number of layers


Solder mask

green/blue/black/white, etc.

Silkscreen color



PCB + Assembly + Components

Packaging material

anti-static bubble bag, double corrugated carton

Product Display



Product Applications

This garbage disposal control board is the center of the food waste biological disposal, which is a newly invented machine with microbe technology for recycling organic food waste. This biological disposal can be also called bio-processor. It can process various organic food waste such as vegetables, grains, noodles, meat, and you name it. It only takes 24 hours to biodegrade your kitchen waste into organic fertilizers that you can add to your plants. It can be used in homes, hotels, office buildings and school kitchens.

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Features & Functions

  • Biodegrade food waste into organic fertilizers within 24h

  • Get rid of odd smell coming from perished food waste

  • Operate in silent mode, no noise making

  • Intelligent control system that only needs one click

  • Easy-to-use operation interface

  • Huge capacity to process all your one-day kitchen waste

  • No need to worry about your jammed water pipes in kitchen

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