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Thermostat PCB

Product Details Product Display Technical Parameters Working temperature: -10℃~60℃ Working humidity: 25~85%RH Storage temperature (not in use): -21℃~70℃ Storage humidity: 20~95%RH Working voltage: DC 15V Power consumption: <3W Weight: 480 g ± 5g Button pressing force: 1.0~10.0N Quality...

Thermostat PCB

Product Details

Product Display





Technical Parameters

  • Working temperature: -10℃~60℃

  • Working humidity: 25~85%RH

  • Working voltage: DC 15V

  • Power consumption: <3W

  • Button pressing force: 1.0~10.0N

Product Features

  • Multiple temperature setting options

  • Energy saving: stand-by current is less than 5uA

  • Comfortable touch feedback and smooth control experience: every button press matters, it gives users pressure -relieving experience

Product Applications

The thermostat PCBA is the key part of the thermostat. There are many kinds of thermostats. According to the target device that it controls, it can be divided into many groups such as air conditioner thermostat, bath heater thermostat, water heater thermostat, and thermostat used with HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems). In general, thermostat is a regulating device which senses the indoor or water temperature and performs actions so that the temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint. It can also be called wired remote control or wired control in some Asian countries. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the parts inside a common electronic device? Can you manufacture all of these parts?

A: In general, there are control board, display board, keypad, sensor board and some other function boards inside a common electronic device. We can manufacture all of these parts. Also, we can handle the testing process and box build service.

Q: What is full turnkey assembly service?

A: We can order all parts (circuit boards and electronic components), order tracking, assembly, quality control and order shipment. We can do full or partial turn-key assemblies with any combination of parts or boards that you order or we source for you.

Q: Do you fabricate PCBs?

A: We can design and order PCBs from our best selected PCB fabrication factories. We make sure the quality and the price will be satisfying.

Q: Can you order parts for me?

A: Absolutely. We are able to provide turnkey service. We can order your parts and your printed circuit boards, assemble the PCBs, test them, and deliver the completed PCBs to you.


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Thermostat PCBA

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