Design Overview

Sheentec offers full range design services from printed circuit board (PCB) layout design, embedded system design, to enclosure design and even more. We have formulated a set of strict manufacturability rules over the past 20 years, and we use these rules to guide our designs. After we receive clients' requirements about circuit board size, quality standards, product functionality or other aspects. Our design team will manage to bring these ideas to realities. 

One-Stop PCB Design Solutions

With Sheentec's one-stop PCB design solutions and good balance of software and hardware, our clients can be sure that they will receive a complete design package for a seamless transition to PCB assembly

In-House Professional Designers

Having in-house designers and developers is one of the keys to Sheentec's success. Our in-house professional designers and developers have many years of experience on designing workable and also fine PCBs

Wide Range of Product Applications

Sheentec's designers have designed or developed at least hundreds of different types of products, including home appliance circuit boards, industrial controls, remote controls, and thermostats. Hence, it's efficient for them to design these types of circuit boards and products again. For those types of products that they haven't worked on, they can also manage to make it based on universal electric guidelines

Vertical Integrating Capabilities

Sheentec's designers have great understanding of the whole PCB fabrication and PCB assembly processes. Therefore, they are able to tailor their designs to meet clients' needs, industry standards and cost requirements

PCB Layout Design

Sheentec provides PCB layout design service. Having a good PCB layout design is very much the first step or even a key starting point of manufacturing reliable and high quality finished electronic products. Our in-house PCB layout designers, who are CAD experts, are very good at providing professional PCB layout designs. They pay much attention to signal integrity, circuit design and even mechanical fit problems. By combining their expertise with industry standards, our designers are able to design a layout which can be tested, manufactured, and complied with any specialized requirements.

Embedded System Design

Sheentec has some experienced system designers who are specialized in designing embedded systems for product applications. They have accumulated design expertise of embedded systems through designing a wide range of electronic products for different industries over years. Their design expertise across multiple industries enables us to quickly and effectively customize embedded systems to match clients' specific product requirements. There are many industries that we have served. For instance, we have designed motor controls for the automobile industry, circuit boards and controllers for home appliance industry, and control boards for water treatment industry. 

Enclosure Design

Sheentec also designs product enclosures for assembled circuit boards. Our experienced designers have designed many elegant and durable fixtures and enclosures for remote controls, thermostats, power switches and security cameras. Besides, we will seamlessly work with carefully selected injection molding manufacturers for enclosure productions.

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